Introducing the STINGRAY, the Ultimate Indoor Cleaning Tool

The Ultimate Indoor Cleaning Tool

Superior is proud to introduce the Stingray Window Cleaning Tools. These are lightweight and easy to use, putting less strain on users and resulting in faster, more efficient cleaning.

Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit Advantages

  • Everyday Cleaning: Easy to use with little training.
  • Clean Hard to Reach Areas: Low-profile, easy to maneuver cleaning heads.
  • Power of Microfiber: Tough on dirt and easy on glass without the waste of paper products.
  • 3M Glass Cleaner & Protector: Keeps glass cleaner, longer with Scotchgard protection.
  • Modular Quick-Click Pole System: Ergonomic poles designed for control and minimal weight.
  • Minimize Airborne Chemicals: Enclosed nozzle keeps cleaning liquid on the glass and out of the air.
  • Complete Cleaning Kit: Everything needed for a full indoor glass cleaning routine.
  • Removes Heavy Soil: Specially designed microfiber powers through and removes dirt.

The UNGER Stingray Video

Click here to watch the Stingray in use.

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