Our Green Cleaning consultation helps organizations with product selection, how to use less and save inventory, and GPS routing deliveries to minimize carbon footprint. We are committed to providing online ordering, invoicing and reporting to minimize paper usage.

At Superior Sany Solutions we are dedicated to:

  1. Advanced Sustainability
    Promoting a green & clean environment
  2. Promoting Health
    Nurture a safer and healthier workplace
  3. Boost Impact
    Increase your cleaning staff’s productivity

Our Commitment

At Superior Sany Solutions, we focus on opportunities to meet your sustainability goals:

  • 25% of our manufacturing facility is dedicated to green space
  • We have state-of-the-art waste diversion and recycling programs
  • All packaging is made from recycled material
  • We run recycling programs (returnable drums and totes)

Making a Difference

  • Cleaning Solutions
    Begin with Superior Solutions’ environmentally sound and super-concentrated cleaning solutions
    Align with the best third-party certified partners in the market (Diversey, SCA, Rubbermaid, Advance Equipment, and 3M)
  • Paper Products and Trash Liners
    Promote source reduction through controlled dispensing systems and right-sized, high density trash liners
    We offer a variety of recycled fibre content and renewable resource products
  • Water Efficiency
    No-touch restroom fixtures are available to regulate and reduce indoor water consumption and increase hand hygiene
  • Entry-way Matting Systems
    Deploy our entryway matting systems to reduce dirt entering your building & keep entryways and exterior walkways clean
  • Workplace Wellness
    Implement Superior Solutions’ hand hygiene program to fight the spread of germs. Sign up for an on-site sustainable cleaning audit
  • Consulting Services
    LEED and BOMA Green supply sourcing and consulting services
    Environmental product assessment. Garbage bag solutions (reduce polymer up to 25%)
    Controlled paper dispensing (reduce paper consumption by up t0 30%).

Green Facts

  1. Preventing 1 ton of paper waste saves between 15 and 17 mature trees
  2. Cold water will inhibit the spread of bacteria and germs
  3. Hot water only encourages the growth of nasty organisms