Training Services

We provide tutorial options allowing Superior Sany Solutions’ highly trained staff to educate your employees thoroughly, in-house or on-site on the most current ‘best-of’ practices. By utilizing the most current information and teaching aids, Superior Sany Solutions can provide a broad range of in-depth seminars lead by a certified by a certified IAPA trainer. Our 200 sqft training facility has a variety of surfaces including carpet, VCT, concrete, stone, and ceramic tile.

List of Courses

  • Basic Chemistry Knowledge
    Which product for which soil and which surface
    Learn how to recommend the proper product.
  • Basic Cleaning Techniques
    The basic information a new comer to industry will need for success.
    How to calculate dilution ratios, study guide
  • Restroom Sanitation
    How to create a good image and solve common problems.
  • Resistant Floor Care
    Which finish should be used for specific maintenance programs.
    Routine, Interim, Restorative Supply Checklists, demonstration checklist, troubleshooting information, floor care survey, floor care helpful hits, floor care productivity tips, other flooring types.
  • Disinfection Basics
    The increasing public awareness of public sanitation demands we acquire disinfection knowledge to support our customers.
  • Powered Maintenance Equipment
    Which pieces of equipment are used for specific cleaning activities.
  • Patient Room Disinfection
    Basic cleaning procedures for healthcare/medical facilities
  • Skin Care
    Why hand washing is important; how to wash hands properly and discussion of proper products for specific requirements.
  • Education Disinfection
    Basic cleaning procedures for education facilities.
  • Carpet Care
    Chemicals, equipment, and procedures for effective carpet maintenance.
  • Cleaning for Health and the Environment
    What is sustainability? What are the benefits, and how do you implement a successful program?
  • Slip Prevention
    ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure.’ This session will discuss proper prevention techniques and procedures if a fall happens.
  • Worker Safety – OSHA Bloodborne pathogen, OSAH Hazardous Communication Standard and Worker Safety
    Each program will discuss governmental regulations and best practices to ensure worker safety, and facility compliance. Bloodborne report, Hazcom plan, study guide, safety survey.


When is the last time you invested in your employees? Superior Sany Solutions is committed to offering a range of training programs improving, health practices, regulatory and safety procedures and efficient cleaning solutions. Training and development provides many benefits including:

  • Online training can be used on its own for independent learning or as a part of a group training approach
  • Courses are presented as a video-based presentation with audio and quizzes are simple & easy to follow
  • Documented training to reduce liability risk and created a safer work environment
  • A full curriculum for custodial cleaning that can be used for both new staff and as a refresher training for experienced individuals
  • Consistent training provides immediate access to new & updated training
  • Online training is cost effective and avoids scheduling conflicts, allowing several employees to attend training at the same time
  • Motivates staff and provides a sense of accomplishment

Request for Information

Need more information OR interested in signing up for one of our training courses, please email us at [email protected] or speak with our Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-921-5527