Featured Product of the Month – Kaivac 1750 No-Touch Cleaning® System

The cleanliness of an educational facility’s restrooms has a major effect on how the institution is perceived. *According to a survey 65% of the respondents agreed that lavatories influenced their impression of the school they attended and 60% recommended that prospective students inspect restrooms before making the decision to enroll.

To prove that even a daunting task like washroom cleaning can be made easy, we had one of our Account Managers visit Laval University, Quebec City. Since the university caters to approximately 43,000 students, cleaning spaces like gyms, sports lockers rooms and washrooms can seem like a never-ending cycle.

Here’s where the Kaivac’s 1750 No-Touch Cleaning® System comes to the rescue, together with the Kaivac Rince (KDRIQ), the Kaivac Degreaser (KPOW), and the Kaivac Detergent Cleaner (KBLOOEY). Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning systems thoroughly removes soils and other contaminants that mops and wipes leave behind, eliminating odors and reducing the risk of contamination.


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To watch the Kaivac 1750 No-Touch Cleaning System in action, click here.



  • Cleans Better – 60 times more efficient in removing bacteria from grout lines than mopping
  • Cleans Faster – takes 1 minute/fixture as compared to an industry average of 3 minutes/fixture
  • Safer Floors – Extreme cleaning and instant drying = immediate availability and reduced slip-and-fall accidents
  • Chemical Savings – Automatic chemical metering reduces chemical waste and insulates the worker from unnecessary chemical exposure
  • Multi-Purpose – Can be used throughout the building, like in kitchens, stairwells, locker rooms and more
  • Rapid Return On Investment – Unsurpassed productivity, multipurpose capabilities and massive chemical savings
  • Easy To Clean Out, Transport And Store
  • Repeatable Outcomes – Kaivac’s process is foolproof, resulting in consistent, repeatable results

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*The Cascades 2015 U.S. School Restroom Survey, commissioned by Cascades Tissue Group, polled over 1,000 students who’d taken some combination of on-campus courses at a K-12, college, or graduate level institution within the past 15 years.