GDI Innovation Day 2017

On Thursday the 20th April, Superior was proud to host its first GDI Innovation Day, where our goal was to inspire attendees and to introduce a diverse range of cost effective, innovative cleaning solutions which dramatically increase productivity.

The event was held at the Superior Sany Solutions Training & Education Centre, at our Oakville location. Attendees spent the morning learning about up and coming Cleaning Equipment, from the i-Mop and T300 to the ProTeam GoFree Flex Pro and the Unger Stingray to name a few. Attendees then enjoyed a delicious lunch spread while participating in the Vendor Show, held in the Superior Showroom. During the vendor show attendees were able to watch product demonstrations, as well as try the equipment for themselves. We were proud to host Tennant, Rubbermaid, 3M, Unger, ProTeam, Citron, Frost & Bissell. Many questions were answered and everyone left with an armful of freebies!

In the afternoon, attendees were introduced to our new Chemical Cleaning Solutions, from GLB-103 Mold & Mildew Remover to GLG-1000 Graffiti Remover. They were also given an overview of the GHS Update, important dates and how these changes will affect them.

Attendees also got to see our brand new Training Video Capabilities, which introduces QR Codes onto wallcharts and other marketing material. The day finished up with a Panel Discussion where best practices for washroom cleaning were discussed. Washrooms are by far the most expensive and difficult locations in buildings to clean and we were excited to introduce attendees to some incredibly innovative and cost effective cleaning solutions ideal for use in this area.

Overall it was a very successful day, and we look forward to hosting another one in the future.

Click here to see the GDI Innovation Day Program.

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