Introducing the MotoMop™ Cleaning Solution

We understand that the traditional mop and bucket system is inefficient for cleaning which is why we are proud to offer our customers the MotoMop™ Solution.

How it Works

The MotoMop™ overcomes any obstacles the mop and bucket system presents by using a separate solution and recovery tank so that floors are no longer “cleaned” with a dirtied solution. The solution gets picked up immediately resulting in no wet floor issues.

Features, Advantages & Benefits

  • More economical and sustainable and requires minimal storage
  • Front-facing LED light for increased visibility
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a full 3 year warranty
  • Adjustable handle for ergonomic operation
  • Battery charge lasts 1-hour but can also be “opportunity charged”
  • Set-up is as easy as the touch of a button
  • Faster and more effective than a mop and bucket
  • Locking transport position for easy movement
  • Full water recovery to eliminate wet floors and preventing public access
  • Operation at <70 dBA to avoid interruptions to occupants
  • 360-degree maneuverability for ease of operation
  • Capacity to clean 3,300 square feet per hour

Contact Us

Contact us now on 1-800-921-5527 to find out more about our MotoMop™ Solution.